What should you remember during marketing campaign analysis?

Releasing a marketing campaign is not the end when it comes to promoting a new product. The company still has to evaluate its decisions, e.g. by assessing the effectiveness of the campaign. This requires appropriate procedures and tools to ensure that the assessment is transparent, reliable and can result in optimization. Based on the evaluation of advertising activities, the company may make appropriate changes to the next campaign in the future.

One should remember that marketing campaign analysis is strictly based on data obtained using appropriate tools. However, not all indicators are measured equally. Depending on the goal or goals set, the company should pay more attention to some data and less to others.

An important element of campaign evaluation is determining the effectiveness of activities depending on the promotion channel. Advertising on social media is analyzed differently from traditional marketing (e.g. billboards, leaflets, press advertising).

When it comes to evaluation indicators, i.e. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), these are the most important ones:

  • engagement – interest in a product or brand among targeted recipients, e.g. number of likes, shares, participation in a promotion, etc.;
  • audience reach – the estimated number of people who saw the ad;
  • lead generation – this is a group of recipients who have left their contacts, e.g. by subscribing to a newsletter;
  • CPC – i.e. Cost-Per-Click. This is a measure of the effectiveness of online advertising. Gives quick and reliable results;
  • ROI – refers to the measurable profit from the campaign compared to the costs invested in it;
  • customer traffic – number of visitors to the product page;
  • revenue – profits obtained since the launch of the campaign.

Marketing campaign analysis measurement tools may be different and depend on the type of promotional channels and evaluation indicators used. The 100Shoppers solution was created to monitor the campaign. The offer includes a Where-To-Buy widget which collects information about the purchase path and at the same time improves it. The acquired data is used to create transparent reports, based on which the company can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the campaign and make decisions for the future. As a result, it is possible to optimize the budget and introduce sales strategies based on consumer behavior.

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